chocolates for beauty!

hello guys!

fuhh! at last i had a time to post this entry. yay! hmm by the way do any of you ever heard about SQ3R? okayyyyy before that, it is not a four fortune number nor lottery for sure. it is actually a well-known strategies for reading. yesss there are some strategies in reading and specifically it is for reading assignment. the SQ3R is actually an acronym that is stand for survey, question, read, recall and review. yes maybe some people could find it ridiculous to have a strategies just for reading as it is just to read and that’s all. but actually with this strategies its really helps you guys to quick and easily understand the reading. you can just click here for more details.

okay guys, nowww i want to share this one article with you guys!! you may apply the SQ3R in this reading. it is an article that is too good to be true. yesss sounds interesting right? so i am going to read it and hope you guys too! feel free to leave your comments about the article below. here is the article. happy reading!

In my surveyed, the article is actually about the chocolates that can keeps you younger looking. it is seriously too good to be true right? can you imagine by just eating some sweet and nice chocolates you may looks younger?! yes it is true that nowadays there are many other products that can keeps you younger but usually you have to be in pain or maybe you have to keep eating an unpleasant taste of too many pills then you may looks younger. i am just wondering what is the special ingredients they have in it? may it harm us in the other ways? and what about the prices as it is a very precious product?

okayy now i have read them completely. the special ingredient they put in it is actually an antioxidant which is the one that gives the flamingos their pink colour. the eaters can see the change in their skin within just three weeks! is not it amazing guys? For sure the chocolates will be somehow expensive as it took a decade of research and trials. but i believe that nowadays, people will not be compromised on getting a precious product like that. that’s some thought of mine about the article and what about you guys?

hope this entry will at least give you some information and wish you all happy weekend!!




hello everyone!

how time flies! its now the 3rd post from me. And ofcourse i had been given a topic for this entry. Its about the multiple intelligence which actually is a group of types of intelligences introduced by Howard Gardner. In effective study skill’s class before, we  had answered a few multiple intelligence questions and according to it, i am in a logical-mathematics category. For me, i think i am not really one with logical-mathematical intelligence. however, i do really love math and i enjoy doing it. According to howard gardner’s theory, the one with this intelligence is very good with numbers but sometimes i am not really good with numbers and really felt burdened by it if i can not find the solution for certains problems. so that is why i think i am not really just with logical-mathematics intelligence because sometimes i do love being a linguistics person or else.

Then for me to apply the multiple intelligence category which is logical-mathetics to my learning is by using my brain for logical and mathematical reasoning. its quite easy for me to recognized patterns, as well as connections between seemingly meaningless content. this lead me to classify group information to help me in understanding things. Also i like to create procedures for future use. i do love to set numericals targets and budgets and so i can track my progress towards these. besides, i like to put all my assigments in a To-do list and rank them before putting into actions. so far, with this multiple intelligence applications i find that its becomes more easier for me to organize my priority in learning.



it is in second week for semester two and so far everything goes well and as planned. in this two weeks i had learned many new and interesting things or topics. especially, for effective study skills subjects that is new for us and i realized that in this scope of study its really make us think twice on how are we manage to be in an effective study ways.

i believed that everybody have their own goals to be achieved in their life. same goes to me and in this second entry i will write about my goals and its involves a long range, medium range and also an immediate goal. i want to be a pharmacist or physiotherapist which having my own pharmacy or physiotherapy centre. i really want to be one because in that way i can help people to recover from their illness. as a pharmacist i can formulates a medications for them, while as a physiotherapist, i can help them in restoring their movements and functions. now, for me to achieve this goal, i have to complete my foundation successfully and being able to success in degree, also master. anyhow, that was my long range goal and i have  first to focus on the medium range and immediate goals.

in a medium range goal, i have to success in getting excellent results in foundation and i really really want to. as i have mentioned before, in order for me to become a pharmacist or physiotherapist, foundation is like a very first step to get there. beside, i want to show my gratitude towards my parents, whose always support me in any conditions by showing them a good pointer for this foundation. and now for me to achieve this goal, i have to study hard and smart. i have to manage my time well for study and also not forget to be healthy because healthy brain comes from heathy body.

as for now the immediate goal that i have to achieve is getting an excellent result for this semester. i want to do better in this semester and i know that it is getting tough but i will try my best to do it. actually in last semester i,m a bit upset with my mathematics performance, eventhough i dont see the result yet, but i feel like i’m not perform well during examination. so, its make me want to work harder than before and i will remanage my study style to ensure a better performance. lastly, i hope that i being able to achieve all my targets. so, this is all about my goals and do pray for me to achive them and lets go achieve our targets together!

thank you!


26 JANUARY 2015

It’s the first day of semester 2 after two weeks holidays and of course i’m very ready for a double triple tough day compare to a bit relax semester 1. On that day, we studied Effective Study Skills for the first time with our beautiful and lovely lecturer, madam Nawal. We were given an individual task in which we have to be a blogger and will be given a topic a week to be write in that blog and here is the first entry. happy reading!

Firstly, I’m Foundation in science student and i’m doing it because i’m very interested to be in science’s field education. i’m actually want to be a successful pharmacist or physiotherapist in a future. But actually i’m not focus on being just pharmacist and physiotherapist. I’m also interested in some other occupations, i’m open with any other oppurtunities. so, i have decided to do FIS as a very first step to achieve my goal.

In order to achieve my dreams, i’m currently have planned some strategies. currently, My short term target is to get an excellent result for this coming two semesters. i have promised myself to be more focus and to pay fully attention in class. Also i will not going to delay to ask any questions that i’m not understand in every subject and i’m trying to manage my time wisely so that i’m not burdened by the assigments and so on. Hope that i’m being able to keep my promise!

After one year foundation i will take my degree either in pharmacy or physiotherapist or maybe in other field, its all depends on my result and also oppurtunity. For the degree, it will take about 4 years and i planned to do my degree successfully in order for me to take my master later. For master, it will take roughly about two year and half to three years. Then one of my dreams is to take my phd and i will not going to miss the oppurtunity if they come. Afterall, it may take 10 years roughly or even more. That’s all, thank you!